Amethyst Crystal Alter

Amethyst Crystal Alter

Amethyst Crystal Alter

This is a custom made Amethyst Alter / Tray that measures approx 12" around. It is resting on a lazy susan. 

This was a custom designed piece with hundreds of crystals that were very delicately placed to create this magnificent work of art. 

We are able to custom design this alter in any stone that you would like and in different sizes as well. 

*** We also energetically cleanse and infuse and energetically charge your personalized tray with the intention you are seeking. 

 These are so special and a beautiful addition to your awakening and ascension. 


We love you, 

Vanessa + Ashley

  • Do my Fleurerie preserved roses need water?

    No, your Fleurerie preserved roses do not need water or humidity to keep them shiny and beautiful. Avoid environments with excess humidity.
  • What happens if I expose my Fleurerie preserved roses directly to the sunlight?

    Direct sunlight causes color loss. Do not expose your roses to direct sunlight.
  • Are my Fleurerie preserved roses edible?

    No, you must not eat them.
  • Do my Fleurerie preserved roses contain toxic products?

    No, our roses are processed with non toxic products.
  • When I touch my Fleurerie preserved roses, the color remains on my finger tips. Is this normal?

    Yes, this may happen but don’t worry. The dyes used are safe and non toxic. Wash your hands properly and the color will go away.
  • How long will my Fleurerie preserved roses last?

    If you follow the instructions in these FAQs, your roses can last up to 3 years.
  • My Fleurerie preserved roses have become brittle - why did this happen?

    This happens when the roses have been exposed to a dry environment which is caused by heaters or other heat radiation systems. Hot and dry wind dehydrates preserved roses.
  • I have Hay fever (Pollen Allergy); are my Fleurerie preserved roses going to trigger my symptoms?

    No, since preserved roses do not have pollen any more.

If you want to make a very strong statement you definitely want to send this to someone! It's both masculine & feminine and would make a perfect gift for someone in business or for your hubby's home office. This can be customized for a gent to have a gold handle.


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